The Ultimate Guide to Classic and Collector Car Consignment: FAQs Answered

Published On: April 24, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Car Consignment

Our consignment expert addresses the most frequently asked questions about classic and collector car consignments. Helping you buy or sell your collector car under consignment.

By Mark Lieberman

Welcome to Nostalgic Motoring LTD, the premier destination for classic and collector car consignment services. Our dealership specializes in curating an exceptional experience in the collection of classic and collector cars, catering to enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. With a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and personalized service, we’ve earned the trust of countless clients and built lasting relationships within the community.

Importance of Consignment for Sellers: For sellers in the classic and collector car market, consignment offers a convenient and effective way to reach qualified buyers and maximize the value of their vehicles. By partnering with a trusted dealership like Nostalgic Motoring LTD, sellers can tap into a vast network of enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring their cars are showcased to the right audience and sold at competitive prices. Consignment also alleviates the stress and hassle of selling privately, allowing sellers to leave the sales process to the experts. Whether you’re considering selling your classic car or looking to add to your collection, Nostalgic Motoring LTD. is here to support you every step of the way.

At Nostalgic Motoring LTD, we specialize in classic and collector car consignment.

When selling a classic or collector car, there are many factors to take into consideration. Selling can be a stressful and intimidating process, but it’s important to protect yourself and your high-value asset is essential.

Selling a collector car through consignment not only ensures your anonymity, but most importantly, your financial assets and legal security. As the seller, you agree upon a sale price for your asset and we will never sell without your final approval.

As a consignment dealer, Nostalgic Motoring handles the entire selling process, from car preparation and presentation to marketing and transaction documentation. The consigning dealer will also manage the finances and documentation. As selling experts we also offer a layer of protection against fraud and legal concerns.

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What is Consignment? 

Collector car consignment, or classic car consignment, is a service offered by dealerships or specialized firms. Owners can have their classic or collector cars sold on their behalf, entrusting the sale to the consignment dealer. This arrangement involves the dealership handling marketing, negotiations, and paperwork, allowing owners to sell their vehicles without directly engaging with buyers. These cars often hold historical significance or are of particular interest to enthusiasts due to their age, rarity, or condition.

How to Sell My Classic Car?

Selling a collector car, especially as the values increase, can be a daunting task. Consignment puts the onus on the selling dealership. Consignment dealers are experts at showcasing your car to the right audience, maximizing its visibility, and attracting potential buyers, helping to ensure you get the right value for your collector cars. 

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How to Sell Your Collector Car at Auction?

To sell your collector or classic car at auction, especially at prestigious events like Barrett-Jackson, Mecum, or RM Sotheby’s, requires strategic planning and expert guidance. Our dealership specializes in consigning and auctioning collector and classic cars, providing comprehensive assistance to ensure a successful sale.

We understand the intricacies of the auction process and have the expertise to maximize your car’s visibility and attract the right audience at these prestigious events. Whether you’re consigning a single collector car or a entire collection, our team will handle all aspects of the auction, from setting the reserve price to negotiating with potential buyers.

Ultimate Guide: Car Consignment

How Much Does Car Consignment Cost?

Car consignment costs typically include a commission fee based on the final sale price of the vehicle. Our dealership offers competitive rates and ensures full transparency throughout the consignment process. Contact Us for more information on consignment fees.

How Much Does it Cost To Sell Your Car At Auction?

The cost of selling your car at auction varies depending on several factors, including the auction house’s fees and any additional services you opt for. Typically, there’s a sellers commision which include a minimal listing (entry) fee plus a percentage of the final sale price. Most other fees fall under the buyers responsibility, and are known as the buyer’s premium.

Our team will provide transparent pricing and guidance throughout the entire auction process, maximizing your return on investment. 

Ultimate Guide: Car Consignment

Car Consignment Dealer Near Me

Car consignment can easily be handled locally or nationwide. We are capable of assessing collections both near and far and will guide you through providing the necessary details to assist in the sale of your collection or classic car.

How to Consign a Car Collection

Curating your car collection is an art, and consigning it should be no different. Our experts assess your collection’s value, uniqueness, and market demand, crafting a personalized consignment plan to showcase its best features. Utilizing our extensive network and innovative marketing techniques, we ensure maximum exposure for your collection. With our expertise and dedication, consigning your car collection is not just a transaction—it’s an experience tailored to your needs and desires.

Ultimate Guide: Car Consignment

At Nostalgic Motoring LTD., consignment is our expertise. Whether it’s your daily driver or a multi-million dollar collection, we’re here to ensure you get the highest value for your collector car or cars. Our reputation speaks for itself, with numerous sales records to our name. We take pride in presenting each vehicle with care, making sure they stand out among the rest and are presented to the right buyers.

When it comes to choosing the best consignment dealership, expertise outweighs location every time. At Nostalgic Motoring LTD., our commitment to excellence ensures that regardless of where you are, you will receive the finest service and expertise available.

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