Representing the latest in engineering technology, the bike features carbon fiber fairings, a tubular aluminum frame containing the bike’s transmission fluids and reserve tank, a rear-mounted camera with LCD color display, SmartStart computerized ignition, and more. MTT is constantly creating product improvements with each new bike built. The general specifications are listed below.

Trike 420RR

MTT now offers a three-wheeled trike version of the 420RR. This trike is truly amazing and presents inherent safety features that can only be found on 3-wheelers

MTT Y2K Superbike

MTT produced not only the first turbine-powered street legal motorcycle, but also the most powerful production bike in the world: the MTT Y2K Superbike. The power train was demonstrated at over 320 HP and 425 ft/lbs of torque on the Dyne Jet 200 and has been clocked at a record breaking 227 MPH.