Tucker Restoration

The 1948 Tucker ’48 is an extraordinary automobile. With only 51 examples produced, its unique features, facinating story and rarity make these truely special automobiles. Our experience in buying, selling, evaluating and restoring these cars is unmatched anywhere. We Know Tuckers!

Over the past 24 years, we have owned and participated in the restoration of many Tucker automobiles. We have researched every aspect and each component of these cars. The result has made us the foremost experts on these amazing vehicles.

If you would like to own one of these cars, considering selling your Tucker, or if you need parts, repairs, restoration and want to learn more about your car, we are the people to call.

Tucker Cylinder Heads

These cast aluminum aluminum cylinder heads are exact reproductions of the original parts and incorporate functional improvements. We produce these using the original factory blueprints, state of the art CAD part mapping and modern casting technology. The new part incorporates internal improved cooling efficiencies, better valve alignment and significantly improved aluminum purity. Each head is precision machined and vacuum impregnated to improve their performance and longevity.

Tucker Wheel Covers

Each Tucker wheel cover is hand spun to the original dimensions utilizing high quality Stainless Steel and polished to perfection. This non-vented version is an exact match to the original but heavier for added dent resistance. The finest examples available!

Tucker Crest Emblem

The Tucker crest emblem were used on both the wheel covers as well as the engine cover. They are individually struck and enameled, just like the originals. They have two threaded studs to securely mount them and shine with a gleaming gold finish to complement the brilliant colored enamel. Made to the exacting proportions and design of the original.

Tucker Torsilastic Suspension

These replacement Torsilastic suspension units have utilize the latest in rubber compounding technology and have a specially engineered system to bond the rubber to the metal. This provides the most reliable solution to fix the other wise problematic suspension. It replicates all of the original ride characteristics along with providing the original appearance and fit, but unlike the originals, these are DURABLE! Each unit is hand crafted and machined to fit correctly and pre tested for load and shock. Installing a set of these is the best thing you can do for the ride of your car. They are available for both early and late suspension systems. Installation is also available.