Tucker Tales: The Story of Tucker 48 #1021

Published On: April 13, 2024

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1948 Tucker 48 Side Profile

By Jakob Hansen

Today we bring our focus to a special car in the Tucker lineup: Tucker #1021.

21st of only 50 Tucker 48s ever produced, #1021 finished production August 29, 1948, midway through the Tucker 48 production run.

This particular example is of significant importance to the Tucker community because it has remained in operable condition—and indeed was frequently used—from its purchase in February 16, 1949, up to 2021 when the previous owner moved the car into storage. It is still in running condition today.

For the majority of its life, #1021 was cared for by only two gentlemen, adding its third owner in 2023 when Nostalgic Motoring LTD purchased the car.

Recently, #1021 was sold at the Mecum Kissimmee 2024 auction and has found a new owner, the Martin Auto Museum.

1948 Tucker 48

Finished in a striking black exterior, this Tucker 48 stands out as one of only four finished in the rarest color for these iconic automobiles.

#1012 was originally sold from the Tucker Corporation on February 16, 1949 to California Tucker dealer, Charles DeCosta. The car was kept under DeCosta’s ownership until 1967, at which point it was sold to Gene Clark, a dedicated and active member of the Tucker Automobile Club of America.

The car remained in Gene Clark’s care and was frequently used until 2021, where it remained in storage until 2023. at which point it was acquired by Nostalgic Motoring LTD owner Mark Lieberman, senior director of the Tucker Automobile Club, and noted Tucker historian.

Notably, this Tucker ’48 played a supporting role in the acclaimed movie “Tucker: The Man and His Dream,” adding another layer of prestige to its already impressive pedigree.

In preperation for the movie, the car was resprayed in its original black, depite Francis Ford Coppola, the director, putting pressure on Gene to change ther color because “people hate black cars”. But Gene held his ground, refreshed the black paint, and kept it its original color.

In fact, our friends at Silodrome recently featured this special car in a great article of their own, covering much of what makes this Tucker special.

1948 Tucker 48 Steering Wheel

This highly original Tucker ’48 boasts original floors and body panels, original engine—engine no. 33591— and remarkably, traces of the original paint are still visible in the door jambs, engine bay, luggage compartment, showcasing its well-preserved condition.

The car’s suspension was also augmented by coil springs, retaining Tucker’s original torsalastic suspension, but being supplemented by the coil springs.

Powering #1021 is the factory air-cooled 335 cubic-inch horizontally-opposed rear-mounted flat 6-cylinder engine, number 33591. Power is surprisingly healthy with 166 horsepower and a whopping 372 lb-ft of torque. This Tucker retains its Y1 4-speed pre-selector transmission.

1948 Tucker 48 Engine

This Tucker ’48 has extensive documentation, further increasing the appeal of #1021. We have a copy of the original bill of sale from Tucker Corp., an original letter from the original owner to the second owner offering to sell the car, copies of factory build records, and various other Tucker-related documents.

1948 Tucker 48 Gauges

Tucker #1021, with its original floors, body panels, and meticulously preserved features, stands as a testament to Preston Tucker’s visionary design and enduring legacy.

Cared for and loved by only two individuals throughout the majority of its life, this particular Tucker keeps a special place in our hearts.

Its continued use, from its humble beginnings in February of 1948 to now, has brought the allure of the Tucker Corp to the masses.

For those captivated by the allure of Tucker #1021 or seeking further information on Tucker automobiles, check out all that we have to offer or contact us today at 810-869-4800.

1948 Tucker 48 No. 1021
1948 Tucker 48 No. 1021
1948 Tucker 48 No. 1021
1948 Tucker 48 No. 1021
1948 Tucker 48 No. 1021